All of the staff at Doozy HQ have one job in common – tasting products! We are sent samples from a variety of companies every single week. We regularly find items we’ve not heard of yet, which just goes to show how many new healthy vending products enter the market each year. And believe me, we’ve tried a lot. Of course, just because there are a wide variety of products available to us, doesn’t mean we can just throw anything into our Doozy machines. Instead, we hand select them, tasting and researching each one before trialling them. This means that only the best healthy vending products make it to the Doozy menu.

Our criteria is fairly straight forward.

Aside from our small selection of flapjacks and bakes (20% of the snack machine), we do not look at any high-sugar or high-fat products, no matter their brand name or popularity. From there we start with taste and work our way through this little list.


Healthy vending products Mix1. Taste

First and foremost, there is no point filling a machine with healthy food that does not satisfy the taste buds! Most vending companies will just choose a few ‘healthy looking’ products and shove them on the bottom row. Almost a token to offering something healthy. But, there is no need to do that. They are a HUGE choice of healthy products at our fingertips and many of them really are delicious.


2. Nutritional Information

Many traditional products have very little nutritional value, but it is a different story for our healthy vending products. Some are a portion of fruit, making it much easier to consume 5 a day on the go. Others contain a large amount of protein or fibre. We even have a few drinks with vitamins.


3. Dietary Requirements

Gluten-free or vegan-friendly? It is essential to have products for everyone. Whether through choice or for health reasons, you can always get an on the go snack or cold drink from our Doozy healthy vending machines. We look at the overall menu when deciding on a new product to make sure it complements the other brands and isn’t too similar. Around half of our products are gluten-free and just over 30% are vegan.


4. The Brand Values

What gives a brand their ‘edge’? Ethical, sustainable, charitable? Doozy healthy vending products are about more than the products themselves, but the actual brand who creates them too. Maybe they are local to us or acquire their ingredients from the UK. We have Indie Bay who donate a portion of their profits to charity and Thirsty Planet whose bottles are made from 75% recycled plastic.


5. Price

It is important to offer our customers healthy products at competitive prices. Some healthy products are more expensive than the norm. This is usually because the brands are smaller, so unable to offer such reduced prices. As the popularity of these healthier products grows, we expect the price to drop which will give us more options. For now, price is a big consideration when choosing a product.


6. Look and Feel

People say don’t judge a book by it’s a cover but the same cannot be said healthy vending products. Looks do matter when you are browsing a vending machine for the perfect snack or cold drink. Therefore, while not as important as taste or nutritional value, we always consider the look and feel or each product.


7. Trial

Once we’ve settled on a product, we believe will do well in our Doozy machines, then we get some ready to trial in some popular locations. This is a good gage as to whether our customers will love the product as much as we do!

Healthy vending products cawston and quinoa

And voila, a handpicked healthy vending selection – with options for everyone!


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