Our busy lifestyles lead us to rely on snacks and cold drinks to refuel throughout the day. Vending is one of the easiest ways for an organisation to provide on the go options. Unfortunately, not all vending caters for all people. A standard vending machine will contain big brand products with little care for those who need certain products, such as gluten-free or those who request healthy options. Our Doozy healthy vending machines ensure a variety of products to suit all needs. Here is a breakdown checklist of the ultimate healthy vending machine must haves:


mix of products from healthy vending machine


✔ Gluten-free

A surprising 13% of the UK population avoid gluten. There are a few reasons why someone follows a gluten-free diet. For some, it is essential, due to having coeliac disease or being gluten intolerant. For others, it is more of a lifestyle choice. Either way, providing products without gluten is fundamental so that these people can get access to healthy products on the go. Read more about why providing gluten-free products is essential for a healthy vending machine. 


✔ Vegan

Originally a niche diet to follow, veganism is growing in popularity year on year. Vegan products used to be hard to come by, particularly from vending machines. As the trend has gained prominence, so too has the product range. Veganism has taken off due to animal welfare concerns, environmental factors and personal health beliefs. Many of our delicious snacks and drinks are vegan-friendly.


✔ 1 of your 5 a day

It is recommended that we have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. While it is relatively easy to get these vital portions while we are at home, it is more problematic on the go. We have a number of products which provide a solution to this problem, by offering 1 of your 5 a day.


✔ Protein

trek healthy vending machine productProtein is an essential component of a healthy diet. It signals the release of appetite-suppressing hormones, slows digestion and stabilises blood sugar levels. Protein also helps you feel more full, with less food. A protein bar is an easy way to consume a significant amount of protein. We don’t just choose any bar though. Many brands fill their protein products with sugar, so we avoid these. Instead, our Doozy menu features products like Trek Bar.


✔ Avoiding artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have been the subject of much debate. Do they cause damage to our bodies? A recent study suggested they may cause damage to our gut bacteria. Doozy healthy vending machine products are perfect for consumers who want to avoid consuming artificial sweeteners. We opt for natural products over  the popular ‘diet’ brands.


✔ Child-friendly

Children are often drawn to high sugar products, but this need not be the case. Brands such as Urban Fruit offer yummy and healthy products for everyone. The best bit is that the bright and colourful packaging stands out for younger consumers.


Healthy vending machines Vit-Hit✔ Vitamins and minerals

Along with protein, another element which can be hard to fit into our diets is vitamins and minerals. Drink brands are making this easier by producing products which contain them. These brands include Get More Vits and Vit Hit.


✔ Hot Food

Due to the rising demands for hot food, we introduced Itsu Noodles to our sites at Solent University. This newest product means that busy students can get a healthy and easy snack, leaving them fuller for longer. Itsu proved a hit with students. It is a product likely to be rolled out across the board. We expect it will do well within a hospital healthy vending machine where staff work long hours and have little time for a break.


✔ Indulgence

We all need a little indulgence. Sometimes we simply fancy it, but sugary food is also needed for those with diabetes. This is why we allow 20% of indulgence choices in our healthy vending machines. We don’t just focus on the big brands though. We include flapjacks and traybakes, the perfect companion to a coffee.


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