Wow, what a year it has been. 2019 marked our very first Northern Doozy vending site at the University of Leeds and the introduction of more hospital and college locations. Nationally, conversations around single-use plastic and the obesity crisis have had widespread attention. We have seen environmental changes across the vending industry, but plastic cups and packaging remain a big problem. With regards to health, society is starting to change. Turning away from sugary and calorific items, instead choosing healthier options. This has been made possible thanks to the new healthy snacks and drinks available to us.

As healthy lifestyles and environmental concerns creep up the priority ladder, 2020 is set to be an exciting one.

For now, here is a look back at some of our top Doozy vending blogs from 2019.


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Are Your Hospital Vending Machines C.Q.U.I.N Compliant?

Leading hospitals around the country are taking steps to encourage their staff, visitors and patients to adopt healthier lifestyles.

One simple way they can do this is by providing CQUIN compliant healthy vending. CQUIN guidelines help us decide the right products to go in the machines. This ensures that the options cater for everyone and offer a wide variety of healthy options. Vending is the most convenient way to provide refreshments throughout the day and night, it should offer nutritious snacks/drinks.

Understand C.Q.U.I.N guidelines and how we comply in the blog



What Will Healthy Vending Look like in 5 Years Time?

Over a single year, a lot can change in our industry. This blog delves into challenges and opportunities set to transform the face of vending, over the next 5 years. From the continued growth of the healthy product market to further government interventions in a similar way to the sugar tax.

We also discuss how big brands, such as Coke and Mars, will have to adapt to survive. Both, increasing their healthier product range and reducing sugar/fat content. We expect hospitals will lead the way in providing nutritious products. This is already starting to happen with junk food being removed. Most importantly we expect that environmental pressures will continue to pile on the industry. Hopefully, these demands will alter how vending is done, creating much better environmental practices.

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Yes, We Can Make Vending Machines Healthier

This blog proposes a response to a featured article on Jamie Oliver’s website, asking whether it is even possible to provide healthy vending. The article looks at the influence vending machines have on peoples food/drink choices. In fact, 85% of vending machines are placed in workplaces. For some staff, it is the only option for food and drink. Yet, they mostly contain products we should be avoiding. Our response focuses on the healthy product movement and where vending fits in.

Read our full response

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A Look at the Sugar Tax – One Year On

In April 2018, the UK government introduced The Sugar Tax. It was brought in as a levy for sugary drinks. The aim was to encourage manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in their drinks or pay a tax.

We delved into the sugar tax conversation a year later to see what difference it had made. Research shows that while people are continuing to purchase the effected drinks, there is a rise in the number of healthier drinks sold. The biggest benefit is the shake-up of recipes. Most affected brands choose to bring down their sugar content to align with the tax.

Find out the full impact of the sugar tax



Doozy vending cawstons productsSay Goodbye to Standard Soft Drinks – the Time for Healthy Drinks Has Begun

The introduction of the sugar tax and the explosion of new healthy products has seen some people neglect standard soft drinks. Although big sugary brands such as 7Up and Dr Pepper still have many fans, there has been a definite popularity shift towards healthier drinks. The NHS announced that around 20% of the added sugar in an adult diet comes from soft drinks and fruit juice. For under 18’s this could be as high as a third. These shocking facts are starting to make people think and adopt their preferences towards better choices.

This blog features data from the Grocer who published a study on consumer preferences towards soft drinks. Findings show that 81% of people are worried about the sugar content of their favourite beverages. Not only that but a large amount of people now see sugary drinks as a treat, not an everyday choice. This is good news for our health.

Read the full blog here



All Smiles as Doozy Wins a Charity and Community Award!

We were delighted in June of this year to win a Charity and Community Award at the Business of the Year Awards in Salisbury. The win recognised our outstanding contrition for educational charity, EdUKaid, who work with communities in Tanzania. The EdUKaid team share our office space and essentials such as equipment and stationery. In addition, we donate a portion of our profits for their projects.

Read more about our award and EdUkaid

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Plastic-free Vending – Is it Possible?

The plastic conversation has dominated many conversations in 2019. It is no surprise, and most welcome. We need to change our plastic overuse, and we need to change it now.

Vending is not exempt from this challenge. We are faced with many environmental issues. Some these have been straightforward to overcome, but others are much tougher. For example, plastic cups. On the whole, these cannot be recycled via a normal recycling bin, consequently, 99% across the UK end up in the landfill. Our cup company are doing something rather unique, by creating a cup that can be easily recycled. Another issue is the plastic packaging for our Doozy vending snacks. There is no straightforward fix, with freshness a big concern for other materials. It is something that’s being worked on though, there is always a solution.

The next few years will see some huge environmental changes for the vending industry. We’ve already made a good start.

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10 Reasons Why We Love Vending (and You Should Too!)

Ok, we may be slightly biased for this one. As a vending company, of course we will promote the use of vending machines. However, this blog goes into some detail on how they benefit organisations of all shapes and sizes. We are well aware that vending has not always had the best press. Dodgy technology and weak coffee have given people a bad perception. Vending, when done right, tells a different story. Convenience, healthy products, and delicious coffee are all on the cards at Doozy vending.

Explore our top ten



Five Healthy Vending Lessons We Have Learnt in Five Years

Septembers blog is a reflective piece written on Doozy’s 5th birthday. Look back with us over an exciting and challenging half a decade. From why healthy vending works wonderfully with coffee machines to why we no longer rely on the big brands.

Discover the full list



Tried and Tested Locations for Our Doozy Vending Machines

Following our birthday piece, this blog looks at the locations where our Doozy vending machines have thrived. No location is the same, but they do have something in common. Their staff, visitors, students and patients are requesting healthy products.

And our Doozy vending machines offer just that.

Hospitals need nutritious products throughout the night for busy staff working late. Universities require a variety of machines for different campus locations, (including exceedingly busy libraries). Leisure centres desire products for all ages, not forgetting protein choices for keen gym-goers. Schools are crying out for healthy choices, with 1 in 5 children leaving primary school obese. Colleges are often open in the evenings so need refreshments during these hours.

Find out more, including why Doozy vending works for businesses and travel hubs too

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The Healthy Snack Revolution – How It Happened?

Social trends are shifting in favour of healthy lifestyles. Alongside the introduction of a wide range of healthy products, this has kick-started the healthy snack revolution.

We can no longer ignore the warning signs, obesity levels are on the rise. By 2050, over half of UK adults will be obese, if trends continue. But the good news is we are starting to change how we think, allowing us to make better decisions about what we put into our bodies. The healthy product market is giving us more choice than ever before. The healthy snack revolution has begun.

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10 Benefits of Completely Cashless Vending

It’s an era for convenience which has seen our use of cash fading fast. Some of our Doozy sites are reacting to the growing love of card and mobile payments by introducing completely cashless vending. There are several benefits to opting for  card readers only.

Find out more

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